Yesterday I had one of those days where everything and anything went wrong.

I started the day really positively. I have recently invested in a few self development courses, which I started the day before. I got up with my youngest daughter to get her ready for school, read a chapter of a self development book, drank some green tea, listened to a relaxing meditation – you know all the things you are supposed to do to start off your day.

On the way to a networking event I listed to a positive business podcast in the car, thinking about some new business ideas as I drove, met with some inspiring women, blah blah blah.

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I’m feeling really good and positive things start to go wrong. First it was a comment from someone else that I took to heart, made me question everything.

What the hell am I doing working all these hours in a business that I just don’t love anymore, just to try and keep a roof over our heads. My bills are spiralling, I’m getting back into debt, I’m working ridiculous hours, unable to switch off.

And for what?

I just need a way out of it all, to do something different.

I go home to a never ending pile of work I always seem behind on, that ever growing amount of emails, my website was hacked, I fix that and go to an exercise class to have phone calls that someone else’s website has been hacked so I have to come home.

I can just never switch off – I need to not feel so much responsibility for everyone else and start putting myself first.

But then when I try, everything seems to go wrong…